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Secrets - Act 2: XIX
0956 AST

“Teyla, wait up!”
John jogged up to her as she turned around and smiled. “Good morning, John.”
“Morning.” He smiled but dropped it as he rubbed the back of his neck, “Listen, about last night, with the mirror…”
The Athosian woman shook her head softly, “Think nothing of it.” John breathed a sigh of relief, “Thanks.”
He peered at her as a thought crossed his mind, “You’re… not gonna… tell Beckett on me… right?” She seemed to think for a moment, “Your appointment is soon, correct?”
John was thrown by the subject change, “Yes…” It took a moment for his brain to catch up and realize what Teyla was about to suggest. He open his mouth to protest but she interrupted him, smiling sweetly, “Then you may inform him yourself.”
He swallowed his protest and cast his eyes downward. She was right. He still
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Passage of Courtship 2/2 - Internal Instinct by jesselehawke Passage of Courtship 2/2 - Internal Instinct :iconjesselehawke:jesselehawke 7 1 Passage of Courtship 1/2 - The Beginning by jesselehawke Passage of Courtship 1/2 - The Beginning :iconjesselehawke:jesselehawke 5 1 Collab - This Time I'll Catch Him by jesselehawke Collab - This Time I'll Catch Him :iconjesselehawke:jesselehawke 5 2 Strength of Spirit by jesselehawke Strength of Spirit :iconjesselehawke:jesselehawke 8 1
Secrets - Act 2: XVIII

The concept of Pictionary was easy enough to explain to their Pegasus native teammates, and thankfully didn’t take very long. Draw clues to guess a word without actual words. AR1 sat in a small circle on the floor between John’s bed and the door. John leaned against his bed, Rodney was sitting to his left, Ronon was to his right and Teyla sat crisscross between Rodney and Ronon.
So they wouldn’t have a drastic advantage over each other, and they might be able to assist their teammates discreetly, they split into two teams: Teyla and Rodney, and John and Ronon. John knew it would be pointless though. Last time he played pictionary, he got stumped by ‘Llama’. Granted, his teammate at the time drew a Lamp and a Mom with a child, so John wasn’t exactly sure what he was supposed to divulge from that in the first place.
He had a feeling he and Rodney would be carrying their teams, and to be honest, that
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Summit by jesselehawke Summit :iconjesselehawke:jesselehawke 6 1 aim to misbehave by jesselehawke aim to misbehave :iconjesselehawke:jesselehawke 1 2 Jess [2017 ref] by jesselehawke Jess [2017 ref] :iconjesselehawke:jesselehawke 2 0 Commission Info [JUNE - 5 SLOTS OPEN] by jesselehawke Commission Info [JUNE - 5 SLOTS OPEN] :iconjesselehawke:jesselehawke 0 0 Silent Contemplation by jesselehawke Silent Contemplation :iconjesselehawke:jesselehawke 12 0 Redfeather by jesselehawke Redfeather :iconjesselehawke:jesselehawke 8 0 May you stay... by jesselehawke May you stay... :iconjesselehawke:jesselehawke 2 0
Secrets - Act 2: XVII
2036 AST
Teyla stopped at John’s door and knocked twice. The team had been waiting for John in the rec room for some time before Teyla elected to check on him. She was reasonably worried since the danger of him falling into a coma again was so high. He had seemed fine when he had been released. Perhaps not his usual self, but he seemed pain free. She hadn’t seen him for the rest of the day, and it was now well after dinner time. It was unlike John to stay in one place for so long. She supposed he could simply be tired. He seemed to be this morning.
Hearing only silence from within his quarters, she called his name though the door. At the lack of response, she swiped her hand over the door controls and the door obeyed, sliding open with a electronic whirr. Teyla frowned, her brows knitting together in worried confusion. It wasn’t like John to leave his door unlocked.
Through the darkness of his unlit room, Teyla could see John sprawled face d
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Hey guys, I'm opening design commissions for Felvargs.
Cheap because I don't have a lot of examples.
At the moment, it's PayPal only, cause I have an important bill due in 3 days and I'm short.

After that, I might switch to other options (rolls, FC, ect.)

My pricing is straight forward.
$2 per marking

I'll use Eros as an example.
He has Overlay, Hightlight and Shadow. So his design cost would be $6.

What about Chimeras? Still $2 per marking.
So a geno like "ss/cr/Br/bk/Ol/Hl/Sp/Sd // Ss/cr/br/bk/Ol/Hl/Sp" would be $14.

Make sense?

I will do ANY genotype. On ANY coat.

If you are applying for anything but the daylight background, you must provide that background image, along with proof you can use that background. (cache link or if you plan to buy a background kit)

Depending on the complexity of the geno, I can have it done anywhere between 2-4 hours from when I started.
I keep and post details on each order: when I start and when I finish.
First Come, First ServeI will only work on one design at a time. This is so I can ensure you get a quality design.

At the moment, like I said, PayPal only.
I will send you an invoice once you approve a sized-down version of your design. When I get an email from PayPal, I'll send you the full sized image.

I work very closely with the Design Guide. And I check that each and every marking falls with the requirements so your design will get through the Nook as fast as possible.
Eros 1120 by Ulfrheim Syrin 1121 by Ulfrheim Vidar by jesselehawke Akira by jesselehawke

"What if the design you did gets sent to corrections?"
I will fix it, at no extra cost, usually within the hour. I try very, very hard to make sure designs don't get sent to corrections.

If you are interested, please reply here, note me, or DM me on discord <3


jesselehawke has started a donation pool!
0 / 200
Tip jar! If you like my art, please consider dropping a point or two. <3

This is also for the rare occasions I take point commissions.

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LF for future literature collab RP buddies!

I'm going to be traveling a bit for work in July and August, but since I just started Felvargs, I'm not ready to just stop playing for two months. I won't have access to my main computer except on weekends, and I'll be busy getting ready for the next week of travel. Not much time to art :(

That said, I would like to find someone, preferably a couple someones, to RP with over Google Docs, while holed up in the hotel after a long day of work. I want my characters to build relationships, good or bad, with other characters in Ulfrheim.

I will write any activity, but I'm currently leaning toward tracking and adventure rolls.

My master tracker has all my current Fels.
ALL but 1 of Eros' entries have literature extras on them.
To keep track of my increasing addiction.
Player Cache
none - open
Monthly Design Allotment: [June] 4/5

EROS 1120

EXP: 58.5/150 to Level 2


Aros 295 x Fawn 286
Male | Young Adult | Healthy
(Silver with Overlay, Highlight and Shadow)
Used - 0/6

If you are interested in being my RP buddy (short or long term), leave a comment on this status post, note me or DM me on Discord <3
The single most inspiring YouTube video I've ever found.
Hey guys! I really, really, really need your help!
I've almost got what I need to pay my last bill this month! (due on the 24th) I just need a little bit more. If you can, buy one of the YCH's I have for sale.
[#5, #2 examples] [14/14] READ DISCRIP - YCH by jesselehawkeIf you can't buy one, please, please pass the word on!
Thanks so much!


Jess Hawke
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Hello, Internet! I'm Jess. I draw things, and I write about things. Sometimes, rarely, I animate things.

I want to thank you in advance if you favorite something of mine, or start watching me. I appreciate the support greatly. An aspiring artist always likes to know their craft is appreciated by someone.

Q: Are you taking requests, or do trades, or collabs?
A: I may, or I may not. Depends on my current workload. Don't be afraid to ask though.

Q: Are you taking commissions?
A: Yes. See my journal for details.



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